Whether you are building, scaling or re-aligning your business in Dharma Business Accelerator you will receive all the tools and transmissions you need to activate and integrate the dormant seeds of potential inside of your soul into your business - to finally create the international impact and mindful money you know you were meant to birth.

Welcome, love!

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"if you hear the calling to share your voice with the world, it is your divine duty to do so."

- chiara praller

i see you.

you have all the drive & devotion in the world, and still...

Something about this online business world feels icky to you. You might feel like you need your life to look just as shiny and be just as loud as all the others to succeed - but it feels off to you. You desire more depth and more integrity. You are yearning to build your business on truth, on authenticity, on honesty.

You might also feel overwhelmed with where to start, what strategy to follow, how to organize yourself to bring all of this potential you feel inside out into the world. It feels so complicated and energy consuming - and you ask yourself, why it looks so easeful and effortless for all your favorite entrepreneurs out there.

You might also feel really freaking frustrated and overworked, of pouring all your love and energy and time and money into your business, and really getting so little back. You know you are capable of more in some part of your being and it is driving you nuts that for some reason you can't seem to manifest that potential into tangible results.

And don't even get me started on the inner critic, on comparing yourself constantly to others, and of almost feeling paralyzed when talking about your services because you are so scared that you might be promising more than you can actually hold (hello imposter!)

any of this sound familiar?

Look, i get it. I have been there too. I struggled for two years, hustling my sweet butt off, pouring all my love and energy into my business without signing a single client. So yes, i know how you feel.

here is the thing...

you have a vision and therefor you can make it manifest.

Heck, yes!

All of this is available to you right now and in dharma business accelerator i will be handing you all the tools and transmissions that you need to turn your soul calling into sold out offers on auto repeat, with deep integrity and love. 

You dream of waking up one day to effortless payment notifications waiting for you in your inbox. 

Your entire being is longing to be heard and seen by your people, not because of YOU necessarily but because you know your message needs to be spread. 

You want worldwide impact, money that nurtures your soul and bank account alike.

Waking up every morning knowing exactly what to say, having your heart aligned clients gravitate into your space, ready to pay you for your services without any questions asked. 

You want effortless expansion, inner peace, financial, spiritual and emotional freedom.

You want a live of meaning, of vibrancy, of authenticity.

Solely led by you, unapologetic in bringing your deepest soul calling alive.

teach me how

the three pillars

of a wildly successful online business that is build on deep integrity and love dharma business accelerator is based upon

- 1 -
Soul Liberation

- 2 -
Self Leadership

-3 -

spirit - gaining clarity on & reclaiming the highest expression of your soul purpose

mindset - navigating your self & being to birthing your purpose into this realm

systems & strategies - building the channel for your purpose to become manifest

in dharma business accelerator i will guide you to build a wholesome & sustainable business based on your calling.

turth is, it gets to be easy. allow me to guide you in turning your soul calling into sold out offers on auto repeat - in the most soulicious and honest way.

what you will learn:

Build your potent brand that has you naturally stand out in a crowded market, making it oh so easy for your heart aligned clients to find and connect with you

Take up massive space gracefully as a sacred act of being in divine service

Develop your unique strategies and structures that create the spaciousness within you to grow and scale your business with soulicious ease

Create and launch your new offer which channels your major soul purpose into actual impact and income

Master the art of soulful selling that will have your heart aligned clients wanting to pay you for your services before they are even launched

Liberate your mind and being to step into the empowered and embodied leader your mission requires you to be

it gets to be so easy.

your business is the vehicle for your dharma to manifest.

If you are craving a wildly successful business in the most sacred and heart aligned way possible, Dharma Business Accelerator is going to ignite the realization of all your wildest dreams of impact, visibility and effortless wealth for you.

Allow me to guide you in activating a new timeline of boundless wealth & self actualization.

will you answer the call?

the way i see it, you have two options now

You stay with the icky itch of knowing that there is more potential inside you, that you hear a calling and feel the pulsating desire to create something extraordinary into this world for the rest of your life


You decide to listen to that silent pull within you, to trust your soul's most intimate calling and to take the leap into birthing all of that which you feel as a potential inside you out into the world



which one do you choose?

the roadmap

to Build a highly profitable online business that brings the highest expression of your soul purpose alive.

phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

phase 4

phase 5

phase 6

the vision

the offer

the sale

the brand

the leader

the content

Session 1: Identify & Refine the Current highest Expression Of Your Soul Purpose
Session 2: Connect To your soul family & know who you are talking to

session 3: build your signature framework to turn your vision into real impact
session 4: create the offer you are going to sell & prep everything for launch

session 5: outline your launch plan to launch with confidence & ease
Session 6: master the art of soulful selling & overcome mindset blocks

session 7: use subconscious science to create impactful & converting content
session 8: Communicate Your Brand Mission To Attract Heart Aligned Clients

session 9: define & create the energetic room to welcome your people into
session 10: translate Your Vision Into A Visual Identity That Has You Stand Out

session 11: embody the new paradigm of being-in-service-centered leadership
session 12: release any & all objections from stepping into your fullest self

who is the dharma business accelerator for?

You have experienced a shift in consciousness, your soul mission and hence in your business and desire to align your creations to your own expansion

You have been working in this online space for a while, selling your offers and guiding your clients and now you are being called to create something new, to grow and scale your business through a new offering and elevated online presence, graciously taking up more space to be in service while staying in deep integrity with your being

You are just starting out or have been trying to get your business off the ground but haven't achieved the results you desire yet and you finally want to learn how to create the impact and income off your souls calling you know in your heart you are capable of

if any of those situations resonate with you, dharma business accelerator is for you.

enroll now

let's stop F*cking around for a moment. you know that you are capable of more. you know that you carry a message in your heart that needs to be heard. you know you are meant to create this business of yours.

so let me pose one final question to you:

the spiritual seeker like you longing for turning your inner calling into a highly profitable business online THAT BRINGS THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF YOUR SOUL PURPOSE ALIVE

how much longer are you choosing to believe your doubt over your dharma?

the time to move is now.
the time to decide is now.

you are the creator of your life & the bearer of your Dharma.
You have been trusted by god with the mission that was engraved into your soul.

it is time to take on your conscious creator potential and finally bring your your wildest visions alive.

allow me to guide you the way.


On this path we are on, it is not just about business itself. It is about the liberation of our soul. When we embark on this journey of building our own Dharma Business, we are going to face our darkest shadows and pains. Energetic blockages, limiting beliefs and patterns that can even come from past lives or have been passed down to us for generations. Being accompanied by me privately will give you the support and guidance to skillfully and rapidly work through those limitations.
The tools and transmissions you are going to learn are the same in either option. But if you want to work through the deep stuff, the one that actually makes up the vast majority of your success, option 2 is the way for you

Wherever you are right now. And I mean that 100 %. I know that sometimes we can get caught up in comparing our own route with the one of others or stressing over how to pay our bills. Truth is though, that exactly where you are at is right where you need to be. Dharma Business Accelerator will pick you up exactly at that point. The transmission on a mindset and spiritual plane are valid and important on every single level of your business. The teachings on skills and tangible knowledge are going to guide you into your next level no matter where you are at. This program is a universal container for the spiritual seeker that demands more self actualization and success in her or his business.

Oh yes, honey! If you already knew how to build and launch your next offer to scale and grow your business, you would have already done that, right? Exactly... So Dharma Business Accelerator will be that steady guide on your journey of birthing your new creation out into the world.

Yes for sure! In here you will learn everything that you need to know to start making expansive money in the most soulicious and heart aligned way. Business is so overcomplicated out there and it can get so confusing to listen to all the different advice. I have made it my mission to simplify business for you, and to show you how you can lead your mission in deep intimacy with the divine.

You will have access to an exclusive facebook group of all students from Dharma Business Accelerator. In here you can communicate yourself with the other students and I will also pop in to give answers to more general questions. If you desire private support and intimate back-and-worth, I will recommend you to invest into the mentorship upgrade. In this container you will have unlimited access to me via voxer plus bi-weekly calls to clarify all your questions and alchemize your own blockages on a deep layer.

Babe, if you resonate with me and this page even only a little bit, you will LOVE to be inside of the Dharma Business Accelerator. Due to the nature of this program, I can not give you a refund of any kind. I can assure you though from the bottom of my heart that you will come back to the teachings and transmissions you will receive in here your entire life. If you have any more questions you can always reach out to me via email.

That depends when you sign up. The only life round I have currently planned for the Dharma Business Accelerator is starting August 15th 2022. After that when you sign up you will get access to the pre-recorded trainings and resources. When you decide to invest into the mentorship upgrade we will schedule our private live calls according to the schedule of you walking through the pre-recorded modules. If you have any more questions you can always reach out to me via email.

If you are looking for a copy paste approach, a one size fits all, this is not for you. This is also not for you if you are not ready to take responsibility for your results.
If you are a not on a spiritual path or at least open to the subtle layers of this reality, energy, intuition and divine guidance, this is definitely not for you.

Yes the Dharma Business Accelerator is not created for any specific type of offer. We will go through the different options you have so that you can build exactly the kind of offer you feel most expanded by.

truth be told, babes - you either feel it or you don't.

if you have been reading through every single q and scrolled all the way down here, ask yourself, "how does my being feel right now? expanded or contracted? do i feel excitement? maybe even some fear?"
that is amazing love, you are about to expand beyond all the limitations your ego mind is currently playing in, of course it will feel scared. but you are wiser than that.

You know what to do, you know if dharma business accelerator is the program that is going to expand you or not.

trust that.

xx Chiara