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master your soul gifts to build a strong & sustainable business that activates your highest timeline of multidimensional wealth & wellbeing

WHAT IF you carried IT ALL within ALREADY?

what if business wasn't about hacking buyers psychology with the latest marketing twists or following a lead gen sales script strategy that leaves little to no room to wiggle in your quirky goodness?

What if i told you that business is really about you waking up to the message that your being carries, to the mission you were sent to earth to realize and the sacred (and let's be honest, stormy) path to purify your system from self imposed limitations to gain the clarity and strength to become the impactful leader in your space?

What if i told you that you carry the key within? the key to unlimited wealth in cash and consciousness, to soul deep satisfaction in every instant of your existence and the meaningful impact you desire to have?

would you keep hustling?
would you keep comparing?
would you keep worrying?

no, you would stop fcking around and freaking stand up already to claim your spot in this world and unapologetically roar in your fullest expression. and i am going to help you do that now.

let's get started!


I have a secret to tell you.

you see, the systems, structures and strategies every one is talking about, yes, they are important, but...

they are merely empty shells if you don't fill them with your magic.

that's a secret no one will tell you - because it is safer to teach a framework that makes sense. but it's the inner work beyond reason that will truly make a difference, for you & the world.

i am ready for it!

golden business is not your ordinary business program.
in fact it is shifting the entire paradigm of what building a successful, sustainable and scale oriented business looks and feels like.

I invite you to join me on this sacred journey.

i accept!

wise, wealthy women

it's a whole vibe

You & me both know, that you were created to make

big things happen.

to deeply impact humanity with the codes your being carries.
to live a rich life that nurtures your soul & bank account alike.
a life in flow, in awe of your creation & soul deep satisfaction as you realize your potential and confidently share your light in deep alignment with your essence.

i am ready for it!

wise, wealthy women

it's a whole vibe

hi, my name is 


i am on a mission to make purpose driven power women like you rich. rich in cash, rich in consciousness & rich in creatrix energy.
i want to see women wealthy, i want to see us own our fierce beauty and stand in our uncensored power - because i believe that this is what our world needs today.
us women with a big heart & even bigger mission, women like you and me, we have to finally take up the spcae we were meant to fill & radiate some freaking magic into this reality.
our time is now, your time is now.

believe me, i have been there - implementing all the marketing guru's advice and following all the fancy 7 figure strategies. and signing not a single client For almost 2 years of showing up daily. i know the frustration, i know the desperation.
but i held my vision of the big a$$ mission i knew i had to complete in this lifetime, so i reiterated all i had learned and made it happen.

now it's our turn.

are you ready to change the world with me, my love?

heck yes, i am!

ready to roar

time to take up space

for the conscious woman on a big a$$ mission

i created golden business for the woman that is ready to roar, to take up massive space in grace and fierce compassion.
the woman who is not afraid from facing her darkest shadows and sharing her brightest jewels with the world.

the women that carries a big message within and is determined to build a rich life of impact and multidimensional wealth, unleashing her dharma.

a woman like you.

sign me up now!

truth talk

my love, it is time to stop splaying small. your mission is so much bigger than you, and i know how you are feeling right now.

you feel unseen, unheard and unacknowledged for all the power and beauty that you carry within. it frustrates you because, yes, you somehow know it's all right there inside of you, but you can't seem to express it. so doubt creeps in and desperation takes over.

you keep hustling, you keep showing up, you keep implementing all the freaking things - but there is only crickets chanting back at you. you have enough, you are ready to receive for what you give and you are ready to be respected for who you are.

everyone seems to have a magic wand to tap into that auspicious unlimited money flow - and while you try to keep up with the journaling and the money reframing, that abundant blessing of financial overflow is just not kicking in. you even feel a little guilty and dirty for desiring all that cash. 

it's time to stop whining and start thriving. no offense, i know you are a big action taker, but trust me, there is a part of you that prefers to stay in victim mode, because taking responsibility seems a little too freaking big for that scared aspect of your ego self.

no more, honey bunney. it's time to freaking claim it. all of it. the money, the impact, the power, the space, the satisfaction, the clients, the wealth and the freaking lit up, legacy leaving, dharma led empire you are dreaming of.

it's yours to have, and i am here to hand you the treasure map to get there faster.

you got me here... i'm in!

ancient wisdom x modern knowledge

we are going to fuse the ancient science of yogic psycho therapy with high level mindset reprogramming and premium business coaching to


this goes deep my love, and i would love to hop on a call with you to share with you all the ins and outs of how this unique method i developed will birth your success into experience.

activate the dormant seeds of potential your soul carries,

calibrate your human self to your divine mission and

building strong, sustainable and scaleable business foundations that weave your dharma through strategy and systems into the 3d reality

i want all of this!

the packages


Phase 1

gaining deep clarity & radical confidence in advocating your mission

crafting your authentic and potent messaging that magnetizes dream clients in ease

building out your signature framework that transforms your superpowers into profound transformation for your clients

understanding what makes you unqiue and powerful, owning your brightest presence unapologetically

mastering your inner resources, unlocking your meta gifts

embodying your dharma, becoming the sought after leader of your industry

activating your wealth potential & starting to receive abundant money flow in pleasure and grace

healing worn out belief systems & recalibrating your mind to your most abundant timeline

uncensoring yourself, taking ownership of your values and desires

time frame: 3 months
investment: 9.000 USD*

unlimited voxer support
unlimited email support

apply now

*payment plans available


Phase 2

designing your radiant branding & socials feed

building out your converting website

setting up your backend to scale to 6 and 7 figures in ease

creating your  professional media kit

gaining visibility through collabs & press

mastering team management & outsourcing

creating funnels to make money while you sleep

embodying your next level ceo energy, smart investments

busting through money mindset blocks to receive in even more magnitude

revising your product suit and setting yourself up to sclae in alignment and flow

time and energy management with increasing publicity

time frame: 3 months
investment: 9.000 USD*

unlimited voxer support
unlimited email support

only available after completing phase 1

you got two options now. either you invest in phase 1 alone and decide further along to invest into phase 2, or you opt in for the special package of signing up for phase 1 & 2 for only 15.000 usd, saving 3.000 usd.*

apply now

*payment plans available

Wanna see an example of how our time could look together?

show detailed session to session outline

Below you can find an example outline of how our time could look, but please note that this can drastically change as we adapt to your specific needs and desires - because you don't fit into a predesigned framework and I am here to give you the high end, premium support you and your mission truly deserve.

Session 1
Assessing your current business & setting the goals for where you want to be after our time together

Session 2
Your Why - you are going to connect to the entity of your being that lies beneath your thoughts and we are going to dive deep into what drives you, what lights you up, what you want to share with the world and who you were meant to be.

Session 3
Inner Resources & Meta Gifts - you are going to uncover all the secret superpowers that you have, gain confidence in your innate abilities and we are going to connect the inner resources you have to your mission so that you feel profoundly supported by yourself moving forward

Session 4
Your Ideal Client - we are going to explore who you truly want to work with, you will get to know all the ins and outs of your ideal client avatar (the deets that actually matters) to be able to create offers that truly deliver the transformation your clients are longing for and to create magnetic messaging that speaks to her heart

Session 5
The Transformation - we are going to define the transformation you are providing to your clients and build a bullet proof road map, your signature framework, that sets you apart in the industry and will make you be known for the amazing results you deliver

Session 6
Mindset Call - this session is dedicated to check in with the beliefs that come up as showing up in the leader energy and in the confidence you bring to day when it comes to talking about and selling your services

Phase 1, Week 1-6

Session 7
The Messaging - today is a fun day, we are going to weave all the magic we have uncovered in the last weeks together into a powerful, authentic and magnetic messaging that will draw your dream clients in in ease

session 8
The Content - we are going to create a content strategy that will make you excited to show up in your radiant self while creating a community of raving fans around you - by doing things your way

Session 9
Money Mindset - we are going to dive deep into wealth activation, tapping into abundance frequency and eradicating any worn out belief systems that keep you from receiving that cash flow gracefully

Session 10
Preparing For The Launch - we are getting ready to launch your new program/course/mentorship. We will work out the pain points you are addressing, the the pricing, the way you deliver your content and all the small details like the bonuses and assets your clients receive after signing up

Session 11
The Launch - we are going to build a launch strategy that fits your energy and will make you feel good and confident in reaching your goals

Session 12
Future Pacing - we are going to reflect on the vast shifts you created in the last 3 months and create a tangible action plan for the next 90 days to keep on growing confidently and with a whole lot of joy

Phase 1, Week 6-12

Session 1
Assessing your current branding & marketing materials as well as your business structure and backend to see what the changes are we can implement to scale your business in ease and we will be setting a goal to where you want to be after our time working together

Session 2
Your Branding - we are going to craft your radiant, highly impactful branding that is based on your quirky essence of your being, so that you can show up bold and feel a 100% aligned with you creation and see how you can uplevel your feed aesthetics with it

Session 3
Your Website - we are going to analyze your unique value points to create a website outline and copy that allows first time viewers to feel magnetized by your energy and offers

Session 4
CEO Energy - we are going to dive deep into team management, outsourcing, as well as mindset and energy management to move the needle forward big time in your business

Session 5
Your Backend - we are going to detect time and energy consuming tasks and start to optimize your processes by building out systems that hold the space for you to flow

Session 6
Mindset Call - we are going to bust through the limiting beliefs and old patterns that hold you from expanding into your most impactful and wealthy self

Phase 2

Session 7
Visibility & Take Off - you are going to create a professional media kit and learn how to gain amplified reach through press and brand collaborations, we are going to create a strategy for you to maximize your growth in the next 3 months

Hi, my love!

i see you scrolling all the way down to here. i get it, something in you is interested, intrigued or even triggered while reading my words. that is your sign.
you resonating is your sign to take action, even though it scares the crap out of you.

here is what we are going to do. fill out the application form & if i feel like we are a good fit, we'll hop on a vibe check call where we can dive deep into your preoccupations and dreams to make sure you feel absolutely confident in moving forward. sounds good?

apply now


Any stage - i do literally not care where you are at right now. What matters to me is where you want to go and the drive and determination you show up for the work. 

our soul carries certain seeds of potential of which some are activated and some are not. Through expanding, rewiring and intentionally focusing your prana, your energy, are you releasing the knots in your energetic body (which manifest as limiting belifs, illnesses and other limitations) and get access to the full set of traits that your soul carries in potential.
I am more than happy to go into depth with you on this once your application is approved and we meet for our vibe check call.

no my love, i can not. I can offer you all my support and skill set, but the one taking the stepos is you - you are responsible for showing up, doing the work and leading your dream forward.
i am here to hold the vision with you and guide you the way.

You already have so much more knowledge than yyou give yourself credit for right now - but we will dig that out in our time together. from my side, you do not require any special training, not even experience in yoga or spirituality or business. i do care about your grade of openness to integrate a new world view, and your dedication to show up for the work.

you have various options. Primarily you have to decide wether to invest into phase 1, for 9.000 usd or into the combination of phase 1 + 2, for 15.000 usd (saving 3.000 usd). You can always opt in for phase 2 after completing phase 1, but for the full price of additional 9.000 Usd.
i have payment plans available for any choice you take.

such a good question!
first of all: let's celebrate! this is such a uge step forward into your new reality of magnificent wealth and unlimited self realization. honor that.
after 2-3 business days you will receive a response for me. if i feel like we are a fit we are going to meet for a vibe check call in which we analyze your current situation and map out an action plan to bridge your now to your desired future. you then get to decide how this plan feels for you and that's when we start working together. 
i am super selective with who i work with and invote into my energy, so if i feel like we are currently not a 100% match i will help you find a better path for you and give you tangible feedback on how to move forward.
anyway it's a win win for you!